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Why should I contact a debt collection firm?

Companies specializing in collecting arrears will solve your problems professionally, letting you focus on your business.

Our accumulated experience allows us to know the law in detail and to aplly itas effectively as possible to protect the interests of our clients. In addition, flexible approach and individual attitude guarantee the success of our work, regardless of the complexity of the task.

Do I have to pay a prepayment when starting work with you?

We offer various work choices, including cost-sharing (in whole or in part) related to debt collection, including the payment of state fees for civil cases, lawyers’ fees, imputation fees (incl. public sales and all other complications incurred, such as expert fees, special agents, court orders, etc.)When choosing this option and eventually failing, the costs incurred by us remain at our expense and you have absolutely no obligations to us.

The business resource that the company puts into place is a guarantee that work will be done quickly, effectively, and with the use of all legal instruments permitted by law. The rich experience and professionalism of our team gives us the confidenceand opportunity to invest resources because we are convinced of our success.

How long will you collect my receivables?

We always use the most appropriate procedure for the specific case by preparing an analysis of the debtor and the documentation you have in advance.

Can you guarantee me the collection of the claim?

Recovery of a claim depends on various factors – the condition of the debtor, the nature and the length of the obligation, the documents on which it is based and many other factors. Regardless of the complexity of the case, we guarantee that we will use all possible and efficient legal ways to return your money.

Partnership with a recovery company will make our relationship with our clients worse?

Assigning a debt collection to a specialized company does not compromise your relationship with your customers. Our priority is to maintain good business relations with your partners and help to further your already correct relationships.

Where questions arise

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