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Liabilities to individuals and legal entities

Liabilities to individuals and legal entities

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated and working according to the latest standards and best practices in the field of debt collection.

We work together with the best lawyers involved in collecting receivables. We have built a team of professionals (lawyers and financiers) with rich professional experience in private and public bailiffs, consultants, experts and numerous associates. At the same time, we work closely with various institutions and bailiffs across the country. We ensure the use of the full legal instruments for collecting your claims and take all necessary extrajudicial and judicial actions as quickly and efficiently as possible with full transparency and detailed accountability for each action taken. The earlier the debt collection, the greater the chances of success. Over time, collection capacities are greatly reduced, and the procedure is getting more and more complicated and expensive.

In the event that the debtor fails to reach an out-of-court settlement, we organize and cooperate to initiate legal proceedings against him, secure the receivable in advance and perform all necessary actions for issuing a writ of execution, filing and conducting an enforcement case for enforcing receivables.

We offer various work options, including cost-sharing (in whole or in part) related to the debt collection, including the payment of state fees for civil cases, lawyers’ fees, enforcement fees / incl. public sales and all other complications incurred, such as expert fees, special agents, court orders, etc. When choosing this option and eventually failing, the costs incurred by us remain at our expense and you have absolutely no obligations to us.

The business resource that the company puts into place is a guarantee that work will be done quickly, effectively, and with the use of all legal instruments permitted by law. The rich experience and professionalism of our team gives us the confidenceand opportunity to invest resources because we are convinced of our success.

What’s more, the court gathering is always expensivebut it can also be quite complicated or even impossible for a non-professional. We offer an accelerated service, shortening the time for standard collection of receivables.

We achieve this with an individual approach and priority work on the case studies we are working on 24/7, with the practical and theoretical experience and qualification that allow us to know each procedure in detail and to use the most suitable one for achieving a quick and successful result. In each case, we assist the engagement of a team of attorneys, consultants and associates at home and abroad, which guarantees optimal solutions in the most complex and intricate cases at enviable speed.

 In addition, we will also provide you with advice on credit management, future contract structuring and Terms of Service.

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