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International receivables

International receivables

Thanks to our international experience, we can assist you in the best possible way in any intrusive case of issuingclaims outside of Bulgaria, your foreign clients and partners. For each specific case, we select the best lawyers with international experience who speakthe language of the debtor, which guarantees trouble-free communication with all debtors and insitutions. Our numerous freelance associates and consultants – lawyers and collector companies in different countries, with whom we partner as needed, have the necessary assistance to successfully resolve the case.

Moreover, the judicial gathering, especially with international participation, is always expensive, but it can also be quite complicated, even impossible for someone inexperienced, this is illustrated by the average length of such a case that takes years. We offer an accelerated service, shortening the time for standard collection of receivables.

We achieve this with an individual approach and priority work on the case studies we are working on 24/7, with the practical and theoretical experience and qualification that allow us to know each procedure in detail and to use the most suitable one for achieving a quick and successful result. In each case, a team of attorneys, consultants and collaborators work at home and abroad, which ensures optimal solutions in the most complex and intricate cases at enviable speed.

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